Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top 11 NAIJA ACTS OF 2011

In terms of entertainment,my 2011 was made whole and memorable by these musicians who one way or the other variously rocked Africa's entertainment capital,the emerging mega city Lagos. Although in 2011,I only partied a little due to a strict academic schedule,my regular playlists had songs of these Naija peeps blasting all year.
NB: please note that this list is a personal opinion and therefore does not reflect the wishes of the general public. However,if for any reason,there is someone somewhere who might have reservations about my lìst,abeg 'Go write your list' or better still *in Noble Igwe's voice* go hug transformer. . .
Painfully because it has to be 11,I couldnt add some of my other favourite artistes like Eldee da Don,Jahbless,Sound sultan,Flavour,Mo'cheda,SID,9ice etc. . .

11. JHYBO: This guy just came from yonder and blew me away. I first saw him on sound city in the video for his monterous single 'Ejo le fe ro' featuring Cynthia Morgan and that was how our love story began. The song was to later turn into a street anthem especialy because of the catchy and street credible title and bridge. This made me go online in search of Jibola Toriola and you would be amazed at his other singles. The dude's super performance in Lasu alongside Miss Morgan further endeared him to me or is it me to him(abeg whatever) . Some of his other notable tracks include Amplified,Run away,Bee naani etc. He sure rocked my 2011.
10. SAMCLEF: Musically,this Igbo boi might not have made massive hits but his contribution to the success of hit tracks through production cannot be overemphasised. Samklef naani became a signature for hit songs in 2011 and the amazing thing is that a couple of my favourite songs for the year under review had that signature. In terms of personal songs,Sam also didnt disappoint as he had his own fair share of successful recordings with songs like Molowo,noninanaire etc.
9. ASA: My best female artiste of all times,Asa's Beautiful Imperfection had a carry over from last year when i bought the cd to 2011,infact it is still one my favourite collection. Truth is if Asa spits on a mike and its recorded,i ll surely buy because I just cant seem to get enough of this super diva. Be my man,Bimpe,Baby gone etc has refused to leave my playlist even after all these months.
8. TIWA SAVAGE: This pweedy petite lady came and like most other guys simply blew me away. Sincerely,she ought to be exported back abroad because her performance skills is simply out of this world. I think she ought to be sharing the same stage with the likes of Beyonce,Rihanna,Lady Gaga etc. Her energy is out of this world and for her songs. . .simply unique. Tiwa made my year with the monter hit -'kele kele' and the beautifully recorded 'love me love me'.
7. ICE PRINCE: Mr Zamani just kept blowing us away this year with hits after hits and for once I thought he was from Mo'hits. Anyway,the album E.L.I (Everbody Loves Iceprince) is a 2011 favourite which cannot be described except you listen yaself. Bigups Iceprince.
6. TERRY G: Hated by many but cannot be ignored by all,Gabriel Anmayi as usual had his year flled with controversies expecialy as it concern songs theft and not honouring shows but he kept coming up bigger with tunes after tunes which we all couldnt ignore but to dance to. 2011 saw Terry G experimenting with different genres of music which eventualy came out succesful. Couldnt have imagined a Terry G doing Fuji but he did and it was quite wonderful. Not forgeting songs like Jah elo and the party banger Aphako which has remained another street anthem.
5. NAETO C:The only word that can be used to describe this dude is phenomenom,simply because he is. Sometimes last year he threw a challenge to other young artistes when he obtained his MsC but Naetochukwu seems not ready to rest on his oars as he is set for another feat_a PhD. Yes,this dude is possitively ambitious which is good anyway. Now leaving academic achivevent,no music chat would be complete without having a representation of the 10/10 crooner as this year was a very good one for him. His sophomore album Super C Season realeased in Febuary was widely acclaimed a success and follow up singles did really well. His 5&6 track was an instant success and generally Naeto can be scored 10/10 in the year und er review. Bigups dawg. . .
4. OLAMIDE: I have never placed my hands on any Olamide album yet I have a playlist for every song he has ever recorded or featured on. Thats the level of likenes s I have for this dude. Smooth flows,humourous punchlines,incredible lyrics and an unimaginable delivery,Olamide is simply a little lyrical wizard or 'young erikina' as he prefares to be called. 2011 saw Olamide joining other A-list artists at the top making Coded tunes boss Id Cabassa and Manager Toni Payne(9ice's enstraged wife) absolutely proud. Olamide is my man anyday and dats wassap!
3. TUFACE:Year in year out,one cant seem to get enough of this father of many as he never fails to dissapoint cynics and critics that he is simply the best to come out of Africa in recent times. Irrespective of scandals and personal misadventures,2baba remained at the very top where he seems to have been for almost a decade churning out hits after hits.2011 wasnt a bad year for Mr. Innocent as he adequately represented performing at shows and getting featured on hit songs. Tuface most definitely rocks. . .
2. WIZKID: "When you see me drive by,halla at ur boi. . .". The song Halla at ur boy was a track we all fell in love with even though that was short live as some haters came up with some stories of our homeboi wizzy stealing that song. Some pundits even predicted that it was over for his yet to begin career and like a cat with 9 lives,Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun son of Alhaji M.O Balogun bounced back into reckoning proving to all that he is no fluke of an artist. Infact his experimentation with the seemingly local genre Fuji on tracks like Pakurumo and No lele got people(me inclusive) dancing non stop and my homboi smiling all the way to the bank,winning awards and headlining shows i love this dude.
1.DBANJ:"I have a confession,dont take it personal". Even if Dbanj hadnt recorded that massive hit song-Oliver,he would still have been my number one artist of 2011. This guy is simply an enigma,a work of supelative art to behold by all. 2011 saw Dbanj collaborating with the dog father himself,Snoop Dogg and then moving on to get signed and endorsed by Kanye West's GOOD LIFE MUSIC. As if that wasnt enough,Mr. Endowed further went back into the studio and what was the result-a catchy sound that we couldnt help but move to. Dbanj asides Tuface is undeniably the biggest act of 2011. Generally,it was a good year for the Mo'hits family as all their artistes didnt fall short of expectation especially Dr. Sid.
Dats wassap !¡!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Its 11-11-11,a quarter to HEAVEN.
Where are you goin to be when the big gate gets OPEN?
Are you going to be smoking with eyes red like an OVEN
Or even fornicating with heart yet BOLDEN.
Today presents a new lease of life,an oppotuinity GOLDEN.
Our wrongs deeds wiped off and sins MOLTEN
For me,my suffering and hard times going bankrupt as in FOLDEN.
I pray for a purity of heart like the Roman goddess which is BRONZEN.
Unlike Naeto,my Success is ELEVEN/ELEVEN
And my elevation shall HAPEN
because my breakthroug shall reach planet SEVEN.
Today ELEVEN-ELEVEN-ELEVEN henceforth,I shall break EVEN.
God shall bless my household and our souls,HE shall GLADEN!
and dats wassap(EN)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The first part was exhilirating with a̶̲̥̅ lot of Goals missed,S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ many blunders commited and a̶̲̥̅ lot of bad decision taken.
The refree did his job perfectly but because it wasn't in our favour,then "Man yen ti she partial jare".everything seems †☺ be against us,the BALL,the UMPIRE and even the spetators.Things just weren't right.
Alas! A̶̲̥̅ fresh oppotuinity ȋ̝̊̅§ here which provide the same ample chance like the one squandered in the first half. I now have the oppotuinity †☺ score all the goals I intended for this match('11). No more excuses,no more indifference because this ȋ̝̊̅§ a̶̲̥̅ second chance and like what Sir Alex was expecting,NO there would be no Third half.
The ball is in my court,would I J̥§†̥ stand it and merely look or would I reverse back †☺ my goal post and commit an offensive against myself or would I rather pave way and drive ahead towards my goal. This and many more would be for the end of match review at the end of part 2.
Happy new month

Saturday, April 16, 2011


RSVP! Which way to go Nigeria
Now that we have all registered (supposedly every Nigerian adult), it is time to move on to the next mode in the rsvp formation. It is time to select our preferred candidates for prospective positions across the country and in my own opinion want to share my thoughts about the top presidential candidates.
1. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: Always loyal to his bosses, GEJ has held several executive positions but has never won an election of his own. He believes largely on good luck and the powers of his god father but the Nigerian situation requires more than mere luck to thrive. Goodluck although the leading candidate for todays presidential polls but lost several supporters due to his refusal to attend the NN24 presidential debater. Also his interview with superstar, Dapo Oyebanjo(Dbanj) did more harm than good to his ambition as people are of the opinion that Dbanj does not really represent the Nigerian youth as he was presented. GEJ still looks good to top the race but might need a little extra to get the required percentage.
2. General Muhammadu Buhari: An old horse that has refused to give up in his quest to rule Nigeria, Buhari comes across as a strict disciplinarian who seems rather in an attempt to bring past leaders to book than he intends to transform the country. The retired military general who is not tired at all is obliviously on the path of vendetta even though he appears sincere enough. However, the General comes to the party this time without former power house Tunde Idiagbon (now late) who was seen as the major decision maker during their regime in the 80s but this time he has acquired the services of controversial Pastor Tunde Bakare in an attempt to sail the Nigerian ship successfully. Buhari contested in 2003,2007 and is back this term even though his motives has not been well articulated other than being attributed to statements like “I would probe this, I would investigate that” which is not providing a clear way forward for the Nigerian socio-political terrain.
3. Mallam Nuhu Ribadu: Petite and agile, the former chairman of economic and financial crimes commission comes into an unfamiliar terrain of active politics to contest in the highest office of the land using the now getting truly national Action Congress of Nigeria. Mallam Ribadu cant be easily forgotten especially with his escapades during his EFCC days where he was labelled an Obasanjo’s PHD boy ( PHD means Pull Him Down). Ribadu, although paraded as member of the new generation seems unprepared but instead only being used by Asiwaju himself as a bargaining tool. However, the past weeks of rigorous campaign as showed that the Adamawa born Mallam cannot be easily pushed aside. A sentence to describe Ribadu is simply, “former PDP errand boy now ACN negotiation tool”.
4. Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau: Kano state Governor for the past 8 years who before now was not really known outside the Northern circle surprised everybody with his oratory skills and readiness for the Nigerian polity. Although, his state is seen to have been ceaded to Muhamadu Buhari’s CPC, Mallam Shekarau appears to be a formidable force which has also further burtressed with the recent stepping aside and subsequent support of Professor Pat Utomi, another presidential candidate who is perceived as the economic answer to the problems Nigeria is facing as nation. Immediately after the NN24 organised presidential debate,indications on social networks facebook and twitter revealed that a lot of young people where already buying the Shekarau ideology as he proved his readiness to rule the country with his professional and articulate mode of responding to questions. Shekarau might also serve as a pain in the ass to the PDP formation.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Top10(top5)

For those who read the first 5 and have been asking me to balance the trend, here you gooooooooooooo.

5. Kas ft Tuface & Dbanj-fimile2 : “this is not a thing to discuss in this type of place”. The intro Tuface gave to the song is just a perfect explanation to my thoughts on this song. However to calm all controversies, I think Dbanj had a better performance to 2baba.

4. Jahbless ft Ice prince, Rugged man, Eldee, Reminisce, Durella- Jor o Rmx : Hilarious is simply the perfect word to describe this track. I am so in love with it especially the surprise utterances from artistes you could never have imagined could say such. How do you explain Ice prince’s “I get bling bling all over my condom” or Eldee’s “Rihanna lo ja bend down”. Even Rugged and Reminisce deserve big ups.

3. Tuface- Only me: whether he was dissing my homeboi Mikel in this track or not, I can’t help but to enjoy the lyrics from Africa’s finest. Even with the baby mama dramas, 2baba by all odds is the biggest artiste of 2010 abi who fit sell album for 1k in Naija and still smile to the bank. “if to say na just me, I would be doing anyhow . . .”

2. Dbanj-Endowed: I checked my dictionary and to my amazement, I discovered the word ENDOWED was there and that got me surprised. How come no one noticed the word until da koko master used it in his monster hit? Now, a lot of profile names on Facebook and Twitter goes with the endowed moniker. If it is not Seyi endowed, its Pretty chick endowed or Zainab endowed tohbad bla bla bla. Even the guys are not left out. Atleast I have a fiend who now claims to be intellectually endowed. Anyway, the popularity of the word only goes to show how widely accepted the track is. It was even my ring tone before Choc City decided to let loose their weapon of MIC destruction.

1. Ice Prince ft Brymo- Oleku: When he won the Hennesy artistry, We all just took it as any other musician who will end up like others before him(project fame,idols etc in mind). Even when we heard him on tracks by rugged man, KSB, Jesse Jags etc, he still didn’t get much of our attention but a lot of us lost our breadth when we heard the massive hit Oleku featuring sonorous singer Brymo who by the way is my hood boi. Ice prince Zamani totally killed this one with great lines and hooks which in my opinion is outta this world. Words no matter how structured can never be used to explain this lyrical explosion but obviously, this cool dude is about to explode.