Friday, January 6, 2012


As Naija Revolution Looms(funny though) with different revolutionary drums rolling all over the country and all soughts of struggle calls,Yours truly have decided to present a list of songs which goes with the season.
My favourite playlìst 4 dis
period include in no particular order***
¤FELA-Suffering and Smilling: In my opinion Fela Anikulapo Kuti is the most under celebratèd entertainment icon turned musical prophet this part of the world would ever come across. When President GEJ announced the removal of fuel subsidy removal on Sunday January 1st 2012,it was funny than Nigerians rather than just cry blue murder and lament took to their Facebook and Twitter accounts creating all soughts of hillarious posts which has made us all laugh all week. All soughts of fuel jokes were formulated not forgeting illustrations,catoons and graphical comics which suddenly came aboard. The whòle saga just reminds one of the legendary song of Abami Eda,maybe you should just listen yourself and draw your conclusions.
¤EEDRIS Abdulkareem-Nigria
Jaga Jaga: The then hottest artiste in Naija got into the bad books of the then President(the farmer from Abeokuta) who simply declared that "na im papa jagaga" when He released this song. Imagine armed robbers who dont want your money or interested in raping your wife but simply wanna take your life. Anyway,these days armed robbers want nothing from yout but your fuel. Oil crisis,Boko Haram bòmbings,Lecturers strike,dearth of rule of law,700% increment in school fees,Toll fee slamming etc only proves that 'Mr. Lecturer' foresaw this situation which we are presently facing. Sincerely Nigeria has Jaga Jaga.
¤African China-Mr. President: "Mr President,lead us well* if u b governor,govern us well*if u b senator,senate am well*if u b police,police well dey take bribe". Now its obvious people like Tafa Balogun and Bode George only stole the lyrical 'maggi' afterall especialy when you compare their loots to those of our other celebrated leaders. With this fuel subsidy removal,Mr. President has proven that he aint ready to lead us well. Anyway,this song is a proper struggle track which is quite entertaining.
¤Femi kuti-Wonder: Right about now, about 150million Nigerians are still wondering what came over our confused President when he decided to remove this controversial subsidy when the debate was still ongoing even in the Senate. Well we might perhaps need the service of our dear fellow widow oh sorry our grammertical person of the year,Dame. Am sure the President is also wondering why He chickened away to the demands of IMF stooge,Madam Okonjo Iweala and her fellow capitalists Sanusi,Deziani-Madueke et al.
¤Mode 9-Lagos state of mind: 247,my people underground-Lagos state of mind. N
ow Modenine aka Mathematical sege aka Red Eye nigga isnt known for commercial hits but this particular track represents the every day hustle and bustle of the Nigeria's commercial capital,Lagos especially in a situation like this which we have found ourselves.
¤Fela-Army Arrangement: Although this song was released by the Black President to describe the then scenario during the military era,it is no doubt a song which represents the present situation in the country. I think one of these new artists ought to remix this super song(something like Politicial Arrangee or something).
¤Asa-ILU: My favourite female entertainer of all time,Asa recorded this song during her sorjoun with embattled boss,Kelvin Luciano of QuestionMark imprint. ILU is an afrobeat song delivered in her native Yoruba which simply tends to compare the present situation of things in the country with how things were in the past. ILU means Nation and Asa explains that when a Nation is unsettled,then the leaders should be held responsible.
¤TY Bello-The Future: There is this group online,#Occupy Nigeria and what they are preaching is the same thing Toyin Shokefun Bello said in her song. The Future is here so the youths should start running things by eliminatinting every negative obstacle blocking their path to achieving a progregressive Nigeria. For real,our Fathers generation have failed us and its time we tell them we are a better version of them.shikena.
¤Lagbaja-Surulere: Now for anyone who have seen the visual representation of this song which was animated,then you wuld understand why this song is in the playlist. From the period the colonial masters forcefully joined the entity called Nigeria,to the militaray era up to what we now call a democratic system of government,Lagbaja masterfully presents what is presetly happening. Now if the Nigerian youth fails to do something this time around,then We would be like the proverbial drunkard who turns the drinking gourd into a cap. And remember to always sleep with only one eye closed.
¤Sound Sultan- Animal Farm: "dem don turn Naija to Animal Farm where monkey dey work and baboon dey chop". SoundSultan,a proper comrade presents a lyrical and humorous description of the Nigerian situation. Other songs from Sultan which falls in this category include Bush Meat,Koleyewan etc. . .
*mehn am tire jor.try getting your hands on these
tracks and you would understand the realm which I am writing from. . .
Now dats wassap!