Friday, December 31, 2010


Musically my 2010 stated with songs off C.E.O by late rapper Dagrin and Tradition from Adigun himself 9ice whoose track 9 was to later cause commotion in the entertainment industry.
However,as the year began in earnest,Naija artiste never failed to thrill US as they churned out hits after hits largely accepted by fans & highly endorsed by d DJs.these songs run into scores & therefore are too numerous to am gonna give in my Own opinion n 'P' assesment My top10 4 2010.Enjoy!

10) Asa-Be my man: If Asa recites the national anthem or even the lord's prayer on an agidigbo beat,it would still make my favorite playlist because she is one yoruba babe who have proved to all & sundry dat she knows her game.In 2010,Asa returned wit a superb album beautiful imperfection and I couldnt help bt fall in love with d lead single Be my man where she boldly declares her commitment to him(whoever he is).2011 is most definitely gonna be Asa's yr especialy when considering other tracks on d album(Bimpe remains my best).Was dat Asa dancing in da video?

9)Essence ft Jaywon-Facebook love: After provin 2pundits dat she is more than a KSB tag along with Kalangolo,Essence further suprised us all with the wonder experiment_ Facebook love alongside new collabo expert Jaywon. This song became an anthem 4a lot of young people especially those of us who call practicaly call Fb home. I love da video too(bigups Clarence).

8) Pype ft Dagrin,Naeto C,Vector,Sashe,Gt-Champion rmx: In 2010,d 5star general retured wit an all star remix to da hit song Champion & we were all blown away.d storm allstar combo really worked cause d track was transformed from a stereotyped reggea track to a street anthem dat we all loved.Dagrin 4me had da best lines followed by Vector. Anyway in 2010,General Pype rocked various gigs ,clubs n concerts. Not even Supersport could resist da temptation.

7)Dr SID-Over d moon: With a succes on his 1st single Something about U,Sidney Esiri further proved to us dat his new found pop love was no fluke.Over d moon z a monster hit put together by d master himself don baba features Dbanj's kid brother Kswitch.

6) Wizkid-Holla @ ur boi: I once sat in d same lecture hall with dis dude and never imagined how talented he was. Even when We heard him on Mi's fast money fast cars,we still dismissed him as a proud fluke but wizzy blew me away on dis track.wheather na copy copy or not,I must confess He is highly talented and av got places to go(thanks to contradiction/tosyn bucknor)

top5 coming soon . . .

Friday, December 24, 2010


Whats all dis noise about dis one man who is visiting tomorow.throughout last month, all I heard was He is seems he is some kindda VIP bcos of the way some people have been so happy and some others so sad. . .then last week the information was that he was almost here and then d rush began.People started gettin excited.Some people even ran away from Lagos because of this man yet that didnt decrease the traffic jams which also practicaly remade the video for Wande Coal's bumper2bumper or maybe an explanation to kelly Handndsome's correction-Fender2Bumper.I wonder if He is some sort of task force,infact market people and other traders have put their prices in cloud 9 because of neigbours have all gone gaga also.all this because a man is comin. Another funny thing is that all the kiddies in my area have also been going to visit his father as if to pacify him.My sisters? Ah dats something else. All manner of hairstyles has been the issue of discourse in myhouse.if its not fringe,then its some silly curly anoying style and the very annoying indian hair or lace wig which practicaly zapped my cousin's savings.every available space has been turned into a salon in my neigbourhood.I have a feeling this man is coming to take a bride in Lagos.
And then this morning I read online that he was here.please whenever he comes,I have a question 4 Mr Xmas: who exactly is He + why is He holding our town to ramsome o!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

only 4naija!

caN U beat diZ?
na only 4Warri chemist dey sell
na only 4Lagos alata+eleran dEy
go on strike.
na onLy 4benin ashEwo get
Na only 4zamfara sunday skul
teacher b imam.
na onLy 4ajegunle landlord dey
pAy tenant.
na only 4facebook everibody get
Swagger(even akanfe dey toast)
na only 4LAsU we geT 3semester

Friday, September 3, 2010

MAN POWER(dignified)

Everyday i keep hearin bout d gurl power tin.Girl power unleashed,girl power reloaded bla bla bla(even thoug its usualy organise by men)TRASH!Around d world,more dan half of income made is spent in beauty shops,spas,boutiques,gyms n oda lavish lifestyles daily.While he z out there sweatin it out 2Balance accounts,attend 2 annoyin female clients,or evenan over bearin madam,d wife z out blowin away like money grew on trees.gIrl power u wuld say.

I went next door 2 check on a neigbour whoose wife wuz pregnant.her friends comin in would rub d woman's tummy n tell her well done wen in actual fact d dude's COCK derserves d praises.My grandpa neva forgave his wife as he grew old cos he blived old age wont av com had he nt eaten d APPLE yet u wanna deceive me wit ya golden(rather rotten) APPLE.MANDICURE,HANDICURE,LEGICURE,PENDINCURE ...cure as if there wuz ever an illness.yet we cant complain cos that's too lady-like.

GOD nicknamed certain human potions funny Private part bt 4 d girls,sum of diz private places ar as wide&n full of pot holes as d badagry express way.others claim d flowers although ripe,ar waitin 4 d harvesting season&d right farmer b4 d flowers can be plucked.yet u spend my money.i wanna say diz,"Viginity aint dignity.rather it is insincerity of purpose by d generality of obscure Sorority against inexperienced members of d FRATERNITY"

Indulged Survivor!

It feels so good seeing the last quarter of this year. The thrills,the hilts & the giddy. Going back memory lane, I remember the beginning was so smooth and filled with promises that I got carried away. I remember my accident in june. As devastating as it was,it could have been worse. Each time i look at my crutches, I say 2myself "dat ain't in the manual"(@obike)lol and I say its noting but a reawakening,a clarion call. My own story is beta than that of millions around the world, ofcourse better than yours. If only I could turn back the hands of time,no that's for the dreamers. I ain't no dreamer. I am a SURVIVOR.    

***written sometimes last year

my voyage 'beyond'

You opened i entered.

I entered you opened.

Deeper i came knowin u better.

Better i knew u comin in deeper.

The estacy was just too overwhelming.

Too overwhelming was the estacy.

At last i am home!

Home i am at last.

Blank is my body where i was.

Where i was my body is blank.

Just because in u i am.

Inner in u i am.

My spirit soaring out loud.

Its limit beyond the cloud.

Back where i was,

my body people wailin over.

But d soul has flown higher.

Home i am atlast. . .

You opened i entered.

I entered you opened.

Welcomin me unto thy bossom.

"you are home my son"

Home i am atlast.

Atlast i am home.