Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I just read somewhere that Boko Haram has attacked an Agriculture College in Yobe killing several students. This is highly disastrous and uncalled for. BH is most definitely killing their own future. The North would someday suffer for this as they would not just lack man power but would have lost their best brains to these senseless attacks. Shame on all Northern governors who rather than find a solution to the chaos in their area are more concerned in wrestling power from GEJ. Also GEJ would have been a major failure by 2015 if he does not succeed in curbing these miserable beasts. I wonder what he would say tonight about the progress of JTF deployed to the troubled areas. I remember mentioning back then that it was simply insensible to declare a state of emergency in some areas while leaving out other parts. Its simple logic, they would just change their local government too. BH has destroyed the future of the north,someday the north would pay dearly for ever allowing these faceless group of "un-Islamic" idiots who lacks ideology or even common sense to operate while claiming to be fighting for the same people they are killing. Which sensible ideological group kills its own. It is well known that the North is far behind the Southern part of the country when it comes to intellectuals and educated minds, so what begs the question is why on earth are these idiots killing their own. Perhaps the human mind is just not comprehensible. Congratulations BH has won, it has succeeded in ensuring the killing of those who might have probably brought light to their dark race. #PathetismOfTheHighestOrder