Saturday, April 16, 2011


RSVP! Which way to go Nigeria
Now that we have all registered (supposedly every Nigerian adult), it is time to move on to the next mode in the rsvp formation. It is time to select our preferred candidates for prospective positions across the country and in my own opinion want to share my thoughts about the top presidential candidates.
1. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan: Always loyal to his bosses, GEJ has held several executive positions but has never won an election of his own. He believes largely on good luck and the powers of his god father but the Nigerian situation requires more than mere luck to thrive. Goodluck although the leading candidate for todays presidential polls but lost several supporters due to his refusal to attend the NN24 presidential debater. Also his interview with superstar, Dapo Oyebanjo(Dbanj) did more harm than good to his ambition as people are of the opinion that Dbanj does not really represent the Nigerian youth as he was presented. GEJ still looks good to top the race but might need a little extra to get the required percentage.
2. General Muhammadu Buhari: An old horse that has refused to give up in his quest to rule Nigeria, Buhari comes across as a strict disciplinarian who seems rather in an attempt to bring past leaders to book than he intends to transform the country. The retired military general who is not tired at all is obliviously on the path of vendetta even though he appears sincere enough. However, the General comes to the party this time without former power house Tunde Idiagbon (now late) who was seen as the major decision maker during their regime in the 80s but this time he has acquired the services of controversial Pastor Tunde Bakare in an attempt to sail the Nigerian ship successfully. Buhari contested in 2003,2007 and is back this term even though his motives has not been well articulated other than being attributed to statements like “I would probe this, I would investigate that” which is not providing a clear way forward for the Nigerian socio-political terrain.
3. Mallam Nuhu Ribadu: Petite and agile, the former chairman of economic and financial crimes commission comes into an unfamiliar terrain of active politics to contest in the highest office of the land using the now getting truly national Action Congress of Nigeria. Mallam Ribadu cant be easily forgotten especially with his escapades during his EFCC days where he was labelled an Obasanjo’s PHD boy ( PHD means Pull Him Down). Ribadu, although paraded as member of the new generation seems unprepared but instead only being used by Asiwaju himself as a bargaining tool. However, the past weeks of rigorous campaign as showed that the Adamawa born Mallam cannot be easily pushed aside. A sentence to describe Ribadu is simply, “former PDP errand boy now ACN negotiation tool”.
4. Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau: Kano state Governor for the past 8 years who before now was not really known outside the Northern circle surprised everybody with his oratory skills and readiness for the Nigerian polity. Although, his state is seen to have been ceaded to Muhamadu Buhari’s CPC, Mallam Shekarau appears to be a formidable force which has also further burtressed with the recent stepping aside and subsequent support of Professor Pat Utomi, another presidential candidate who is perceived as the economic answer to the problems Nigeria is facing as nation. Immediately after the NN24 organised presidential debate,indications on social networks facebook and twitter revealed that a lot of young people where already buying the Shekarau ideology as he proved his readiness to rule the country with his professional and articulate mode of responding to questions. Shekarau might also serve as a pain in the ass to the PDP formation.