Friday, November 11, 2011


Its 11-11-11,a quarter to HEAVEN.
Where are you goin to be when the big gate gets OPEN?
Are you going to be smoking with eyes red like an OVEN
Or even fornicating with heart yet BOLDEN.
Today presents a new lease of life,an oppotuinity GOLDEN.
Our wrongs deeds wiped off and sins MOLTEN
For me,my suffering and hard times going bankrupt as in FOLDEN.
I pray for a purity of heart like the Roman goddess which is BRONZEN.
Unlike Naeto,my Success is ELEVEN/ELEVEN
And my elevation shall HAPEN
because my breakthroug shall reach planet SEVEN.
Today ELEVEN-ELEVEN-ELEVEN henceforth,I shall break EVEN.
God shall bless my household and our souls,HE shall GLADEN!
and dats wassap(EN)