Friday, September 3, 2010

MAN POWER(dignified)

Everyday i keep hearin bout d gurl power tin.Girl power unleashed,girl power reloaded bla bla bla(even thoug its usualy organise by men)TRASH!Around d world,more dan half of income made is spent in beauty shops,spas,boutiques,gyms n oda lavish lifestyles daily.While he z out there sweatin it out 2Balance accounts,attend 2 annoyin female clients,or evenan over bearin madam,d wife z out blowin away like money grew on trees.gIrl power u wuld say.

I went next door 2 check on a neigbour whoose wife wuz pregnant.her friends comin in would rub d woman's tummy n tell her well done wen in actual fact d dude's COCK derserves d praises.My grandpa neva forgave his wife as he grew old cos he blived old age wont av com had he nt eaten d APPLE yet u wanna deceive me wit ya golden(rather rotten) APPLE.MANDICURE,HANDICURE,LEGICURE,PENDINCURE ...cure as if there wuz ever an illness.yet we cant complain cos that's too lady-like.

GOD nicknamed certain human potions funny Private part bt 4 d girls,sum of diz private places ar as wide&n full of pot holes as d badagry express way.others claim d flowers although ripe,ar waitin 4 d harvesting season&d right farmer b4 d flowers can be plucked.yet u spend my money.i wanna say diz,"Viginity aint dignity.rather it is insincerity of purpose by d generality of obscure Sorority against inexperienced members of d FRATERNITY"

Indulged Survivor!

It feels so good seeing the last quarter of this year. The thrills,the hilts & the giddy. Going back memory lane, I remember the beginning was so smooth and filled with promises that I got carried away. I remember my accident in june. As devastating as it was,it could have been worse. Each time i look at my crutches, I say 2myself "dat ain't in the manual"(@obike)lol and I say its noting but a reawakening,a clarion call. My own story is beta than that of millions around the world, ofcourse better than yours. If only I could turn back the hands of time,no that's for the dreamers. I ain't no dreamer. I am a SURVIVOR.    

***written sometimes last year

my voyage 'beyond'

You opened i entered.

I entered you opened.

Deeper i came knowin u better.

Better i knew u comin in deeper.

The estacy was just too overwhelming.

Too overwhelming was the estacy.

At last i am home!

Home i am at last.

Blank is my body where i was.

Where i was my body is blank.

Just because in u i am.

Inner in u i am.

My spirit soaring out loud.

Its limit beyond the cloud.

Back where i was,

my body people wailin over.

But d soul has flown higher.

Home i am atlast. . .

You opened i entered.

I entered you opened.

Welcomin me unto thy bossom.

"you are home my son"

Home i am atlast.

Atlast i am home.