Monday, February 23, 2015

Konjified! Strangers Caught B»nging In Mall While Children Watched..."they didn't know each other's names"-Police

Children who were shopping for clothes, were horrified to see a couple having s3x in a mall, police in California said.
Chula Vista Police said that a man and a woman, who had just met while riding a train together, started kissing and rolling in the middle of the mall for everyone to see.
Witnesses said that the incident unfolded in front of Christina's Dress Shop around 3:30 p.m. Witnesses took videos of the couple through the window of the store.

According to the police investigation, the two kept their clothes on the first 15 minutes. Then the man persuaded his new girlfriend to take off her clothes.
He also stripped off all his clothes. Her legs were in the air, and the man was on top of her, while children watched. The couple continued having s3x despite the fact the police officers arrived at the scene.
The 20-year-old man was forcefully handcuffed and taken to jail while the 38-year-old woman was given a citation. Police said that the couple didn't know each other's names.‎

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