Friday, January 9, 2015

#EkitiDecides: As Ekiti Goes To The Polls; Heads Shall Roll

This piece was written in June '14...few weeks to the Ekiti Guber elections

The past two months has been spent shuttling between the Ekiti state capital of Ado and Lagos. I incidentally was around in the thick of the campaign but like a smart yoruba man that I am, I had to quickly escape when the polity really got heated. However in the cause of my stay therein, I learnt certain things especially about the major contestants which would be shared below.

Kayode Fayemi: Good man,did great things in the state but quite elitist and realized a little too late the power of the masses. Unlike Fashola in lagos who focused on the elist while Tinubu took care of the masses, the Ekiti masses were politicaly left in the lurch.

His strong points: his wife Erelu Bisi and some members of his cabinet especially the Chief of Staff,Yemi Adaralodu (who is a grassroot mobilizer). Some of his projects would also speak for him especially the stipends being paid to the elderly and his agricultural revolution with the youth. However his relationship with Tinubu would do more harm than good as the good people of Ekiti do not trust the opposition national leader.

Ayo Fayose: The masses man,quite radical but present intent not entirely known. Bad antecedents but appears like a messiah to the masses now that Fayemi is scared of despite incumbency power.

His strong points: GEJ, federal money,Police, Soldiers, Okada riders etc. Fayose is that trojan horse who would keep surprising Ekiti people.

MOB- Bamidele: Confused man,obviously knows he can't win but doing this because he has nothing to loose(remember his sit in NASS remains intact if eventually he looses). Strong points; Good speaker, Guv Mimiko of Ondo's support, has some students support too but ekiti people obviosly knows he is a joker.

The battle is a two-horse race between APC and PDP and its going to be a deadly battle as some families has over the past weeks been relocating until after the election. Fayose has been campaigning with bullet proof vest and only weeks ago, the governor was attacked while campaigning.

Actors to watch out for: Musiliu Obanikoro(the new PDP hatchet man), Unknown Soldiers, INEC Staff (loyal to both divide), NSCDC officials (who would have a field day making arrests)and many more…‎

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