Sunday, January 18, 2015

Umaru are you dead? The Buhari Conspiracy

"Umaru are you dead?"
"No hayam not dead", he answered in-audibly

Rumours have been going about that APC Presidential candidate is sick which has continually been denied by his party. Yesterday a an alleged "fake" medical report of his diagnosis of Prostrate emerged which was short down by Buhadists. All these are none of my business though atleast not until an annoying Buhadists posted that even if anything happens to Buhari before he completes his tenure, they have a capable hands in Professor Yemi Osinbade sorry Osinbajo to take over the reigns....haaaaa, I forbid una. Is this the change these people have for this nation...
Now a 72-year old man having health issues isn't un_common anywhere in the world but people in this category should dimply retire to a country home where they can manage their "failing health" not attempt to manage a nation.
General Buhari says he is in good condition but then President Yar'Adua said same during his campaign.
Anyway, Vanguard has reported that Buhari is set to travel to the US for a medical reason later this month...issokay!


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