Monday, January 26, 2015

Lagosians also need change...

***We forget so soon...
*What happened to the Alausa recruitment process Fashola started last year in which millions of young people applied by registering online through a rigorous process,well nobody might have died like the NIS scam but what of those who are still in emotional trauma from waiting endlessly for a test which would never come.

*What happened to the hundreds of thousands of students who were thrown out of Lasu for lack of funds when Fashola increased LASU fees from 25k to 350k?

*What happened to the Court judgement ordering Fashola and his godfather's company from collecting toll at the Lekki Epe scam road?

*What happened to the billions Alpha Beta has been stealing on behalf of Fashola and his godfather...I bet you never even knew Mr. Ambode has always been a director of Alpha beta even while he was accountant-general of the state!

*What happened to the thousands of Okada riders Fashola threw out of Business after initially encouraging them by distributing helmets before his reelection and the millions of market women thrown into penury after their local stalls were set ablaze "by accident" only for mega plazas to emerge which these people couldn't afford?

*What happened to the millions of Lagosians whose cases have been worsened and thousands who have lost their lives due to incessant medical doctors' strikes under Governor Fashola?

*How many Lagos houses have access to pipe borne water (no I don't mean bore hole) even though billions are expended to water flowers in the metropolis?

***I can continue but that might not solve anything, rather it's high time Lagosians also seek CHANGE!
If JK grew his Pharmaceutical business from the scratch to the enviable height it has attained, I believe a state can be handed over to him and he shall perform...a piece of my mind!
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Dats Wassap!


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